NOW AVAILABLE TO COLORADO RESIDENTS                                          
               The New "SMART" Life Insurance.                                                            


Life Insurance If You Die - Full 100% Refund If You Live.

Complete refund of ALL your life insurance payments if you outlive the 20 year policy 
to Protect your Family's Future!


If you pass away during the next 20 years, your Family receives Full Tax-Free Life Insurance Protection. 
If you outlive the 20 year life insurance policy you get a
100% Tax-Free Refund of ALL your Payments.



NO Medical Exam Required.  
  No Waiting Period for Full Coverage - Death due to Illness or Accident.    

Your Choice Of:  $25,000  or  $50,000  or  $100,000 tax-free direct payment to your Family.


Instant Rate Quote & Apply Online (Viva Life)  

Rate Quote With or Without Return-of-Premium
(money-back) Rider. 
(note #1 on rate quote/application link:  Check "Add Return-of-Premium Rider" box to compare between basic and money-back).
  (note #2 on rate quote/application link:  You can switch to a Spanish application by changing tab at upper right). 


The Return-of-Premium Rider (full money-back at the end of 20 years) naturally costs more, it after all is a major upgrade.
However the money back option might be out of your budget, if so then just get the basic 20 year term life policy and Accomplish the Primary Mission - to Protect your Family's Future. The Lowest Rate, or Money-Back, it's your choice.

No Agent Visit Required, you can APPLY ONLINE. However if you prefer I can come to your home or business to take your application personally.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________





PROVIDE YEARS of HOUSING PAYMENTS,  (mortgage or rent) for YOUR FAMILY HOME.   How long will YOUR FAMILY not worry about a roof over their heads?  

PROVIDE YEARS of LIVING EXPENSES, shielding YOUR FAMILY from a Stressful Uncertain Future.  How long will YOUR FAMILY not worry about Paying The Bills?

PROVIDE YEARS of INCOME REPLACEMENT, if you are MARRIED all your Bills and Debts together are now left for your Spouse to Pay Alone



- OR -

* Leave your Family in a Life Changing Financial Disaster?   

* Forced into a "Barely Making It" Lifestyle? (that you would never have wanted or allowed). 

Your Spouse working another job Your Spouse working another job (or two) Just to Survive?



But why?

The obvious decision, get the life insurance!

It is the responsible and loving thing to do, especially for PARENTS! 


Only 4 Health Questions. 

Applicant Ages: 18-60  (return-of-premium not available ages 56-60)

20 Year No-Lapse Protection (15 years ages 56-60).

20 Year Rate Guarantee (15 years ages 56-60).         

Green Card or Social Security Number - NOT NEEDED.

Employer's Group List Bill - YES.

Offered by:  Viva Life, parent company Founded In 1850.  Company's History  


How Money-Back Term Life Insurance Works  -  and How to Calculate your Refund in 20 years.

Request a Brochure (in English or Spanish)                                                                                                       



Apply:   Online, by Phone, or by Appointment in your Home or Office.                                                                               

Independent Agents representing VIVA LIFE.
The Family Protection Group 
Phone:   303-690-9535  or  1-800-696-7507  toll-free.  

Mailing:  P.O. Box 4637  Parker, CO. 80134                                                     



* Seniors Life Insurance     

* Burial Insurance     

* Lifetime Protection Whole Life Insurance

Burial, Seniors, and Permanent Life Insurance (Whole Life) RATES   Applicant Ages: 18-89



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