NOW AVAILABLE TO COLORADO RESIDENTS                                          
               The New "SMART" Life Insurance.                                                          

No Medical Exam  -  Online Application (in English and Spanish)  



The Responsible and Loving thing for PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS and MARRIED COUPLES. 


PROVIDE YEARS of Mortgage or Rent Payments for Your Family. Will your family face Eviction or Foreclosure without your income and support? 

PROVIDE YEARS of Living Expense Money for Your Family. Who pays all your Monthly Bills and Debts without your income? 

PROVIDE YEARS of Income Replacement if you are a Married Couple. How long can your Family go Without Your Paycheck

PROVIDE YEARS of College or Trade School Tuition, for Your Children or Grandchildren. Make sure these are Paid for even if you have passed.




You can add the Return-of-Premium Option, making your life insurance FULL MONEY BACK.

Life Insurance If You Die - Full 100% Refund If You Live.

Complete Refund of ALL your life insurance payments if you outlive the 20 year policy. Tax-Free.
If unfortunately you pass away during the next 20 years, your Family is Paid the life insurance money. Tax-Free.

How does money-back life insurance work


Your Choice Of:  $25,000  or  $50,000  or  $100,000 (tax-free).

Instant Rate Quote & Online Application.
With or Without Return-of-Premium (money-back) 20 YEAR Term Life Insurance.


Note:  Check "Add Return-of-Premium Rider" box on Quote / Application link above. Compare Rates between the Low Cost Base Plan and Money-Back Plan.

Note:  You can switch to a Spanish Application by changing tab at upper right on Quote / Application link above). 


- OR -

Do Nothing.

Have you prevented a financial disaster for your Family? 

What happens to your Children's future if your income and support is gone forever? 

Have you protected your Loved Ones from a "barely making it" life if something really bad happens to you?  

If your Family is living paycheck-to-paycheck now, or nearly so, what happens if your income and support are gone forever? 


Your Personal Calculation: How long can YOUR FAMILY Pay The Bills without you?


* Take care of this Important Family Priority. APPLY NOW            Affordable Rates             A Great Value!



No Medical Exam.

Online Application - No Agent Will Call  (but available to help, or take your application by phone or in person if you prefer).

No Waiting Period for 100% Benefits.

Full Coverage - Death Due to Illness, Disease or Accident.  (not limited accident-only life insurance).


20 Year No-Lapse Protection (15 years ages 56-60).

20 Year Rate Guarantee (15 years ages 56-60).


Applicant Ages: 18-60  (return-of-premium not available ages 56-60)

Employer's Group List Bill - YES.

Underwritten by:  Viva Life, parent company Founded In 1850.  Company's History                                                                                Request a Brochure (in English or Spanish) 



Apply:   Online, by Phone, or by Appointment in your Home or Office.                                                                               

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